Credit Myths - Credit Karma

We went to new levels to dispel common myths just like the myth that checking your credit score by yourself hurts it. We pulled out every trick in the book to make these come to life. An animatronic talking chicken, trained dogs, animated talking crack, stunts, rain machines, a water cooled gum costume, and an entire set of the digestive track built by Legacy Effects. These were a lot of fun to make and I think it shows.


  • Company: Credit Karma

  • Copywriters: Tim Shay, Brian Bernbaum

  • Creative Director: Rus Chao, Beau Hanson

  • Head of Production: Peter Hootman

  • Lead Sr. Producer: Slava Basovich

  • Production Company: Smuggler

  • Director: Benji Weinstein

  • Edit: Cut+Run

  • VFX: Art Jail

  • Sound/Color/Finish: MFD